Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What's up now - 10/26/07

Bucky and Central ray have constructed the following timeline. These events are to the best of our knowledge, and we will post links so the readers can verify our research.

January, 16th 2007 ACCSCT issued a probation order to the schools owned and operated by High Tech Insitute, inc. This includes Cambridge College of Aurora, CO
October, 2nd 2007 There was a public notice of probation by ACCSCT for Cambridge College
October, 23rd 2007 Classes were cancelled for a teacher inservice meeting
October, 24th 2007 A surprise meeting was called during which the student body was informed for the first time of the probation status and a possible loss of accredidation from the ACCSCT
Later that day we, your humble scribes Bucky and Central Ray, performed research. We found

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