Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Colorado Department of Higher Education

On October, 30th Central Ray spoke to Rene at the Colorado of Higher Education CDHE in a phone conversation. In that conversation, Rene stated that to her knowledge the accredidation was valid until June 2008. She also stated that currently enrolled students have the following 3 options:
1. Withdraw now and continue your education on your own. The Cambridge College Enrollment Agreement states the following graduated payment structure.

If you have
completed:................... You pay:

1-10% ..............10%
10-25% .............25%
25-50% .............50%
50-75% .............75%
75-100% ............100%

2. school-out or teach-out program that you can read more about this program by following the link for the school out program

3. Transfer from the degree program to the Diploma program in which case the school will apparently give you "credit" for whatever General Education classes you have already completed and payed for.

Keep in mind this is information from a source outside of Cambridge College and the above options were not gauranteed by the school Administration
We were puzzled to find from the CDHE their opinion is that our Accredidation is valid until June of 2008. If this is true why was that confidence not conveye by our own administration.

Also the "credit" that was mentioned in return for GE classes if choosing the diploma program is undefined. You can't skimp on your diploma training, you can't get a refund for it, and you can't take it to another school for credit, so what good is it?

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FUNKMAN said...

I found that reimbursement structure you guys are talking about. it is in the fine print on the back of one of the contracts we signed. It also states that a full refund is entitled to the students if the program is discontinued....... I wonder if loss of accredidation qualifies and "Program discontinued" Damn lawyers and their legal contracts!!!!!!