Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Drink the Kool-Aid!!!!

Your humble scribes have noticed a disturbing trend. Often, questions are asked of the administration, and rarely definitive answers are given. We’re disturbed at how easy it is to find some of these answers on our own. If the answers are out there in internet land, why isn’t the administration savvy to it? That makes your humble scribes’ pointy little ears perk up. It makes us wonder if something is being sugarcoated. Let’s face it, folks, the powers that be have jeopardized several months of our hard work and money. Is it fair for us to pay for their lack of diligence? No matter what sweet nothings they whisper in our pointy little ears, we are still faced with the prospect of a “degree” that’s worth as much as a cup of water is to a drowning man.
Some folks may remember a meeting in July, where the old president (Raymond Ada) instructed us to: 1 – come to school every day, 2 – Pay our money on time, and 3 – don’t worry about the job the administration is doing. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, right? Our accreditation will be fine! Drink the Kool-Aid!
Your humble scribes, Bucky and Central Ray, are sitting here scratching our heads. We did what we were told. Where the hell is Raymond Ada now?

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm, we have Wizard of Oz, pointy ears would suggest Star Trek and Spock, and Kool-Aid, well that's a real Jim Jones story. Now, put that lethal brew together, and what do you get? Spock might be the one the behind the curtain, or could it be the actual Jim Jones, or maybe Ray Ada?

I have solution to all of this. LET'S GO BACK TO KANSAS!! No, actually I think that I have to make a decision. Either I will get a diploma, or I will get an accredited degree either here or elsewhere. This blog insinuates that we have no options, but in fact, we do. We have several, and they are all palatable.