Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Suspicions, Fear and Loathing

There are two new subjects that surfaced today, that led your humble scribes to perk up our pointy ears.
1. It appears that some new GE teachers are on a “Term Contract” until January 2008. This may be a normal hiring practice, but why would the school have such short contracts? Your humble scribes think it is suspicious that the school isn’t making better arrangements to keep these teachers employed for a longer period of time. It’s not like we have had GE teachers falling from the sky lately. Are we anticipating not needing GE teachers after January?
2. Some newer students have told us that they are being called at home and encouraged to switch to the diploma program. We aren’t aware of any students who have been at the school for a long period of time getting the same special treatment. Is this because more senior students have already paid enough money to cover the diploma program and then some? Does this mean that if the school loses it’s accreditation and the senior students are forced at gunpoint from the degree program to the diploma program, the school doesn’t risk all that juicy tuition money? Plus, some of the senior students want a call at home too! We are lonely! Don’t they love us after we’ve paid? We’ve dated people like that, and it always ends in tears.

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Anonymous said...

really? I can't believe that anyone who refers to him or her self as a "scribe" has ever had a date.