Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Central Ray is Pissed, and other children's stories...

Central Ray here.

I think Halloween is great. I like candy, and kids aren't just for smacking around anymore. OK, great....I'm not a grinch, right?

I'm glad we got that out of the way.

What is a better use of the school staff's time? Putting leaves in the freaking hallway, or DOING EVERYTHING HUMANLY POSSIBLE TO GET THE GODDAMNED ACREDITATION?

How long did that take them? Check out the Financial Aid office. I'll bet it took those gals four hours to put that stuff up. It will take them another four hours to take it down. Being conservative, I'll bet three employees did that. I consulted some ancient Chinese scrolls and found out that 3 employees working for 8 hours each is 24 manhours. TWENTY FOUR FLIPPING HOURS ON GODAMNED HALLOWEEN DECORATIONS!!!!!

When I see stuff like that, it makes me ask questions. Questions like: Why is there no Director of Education yet? Why are needed curriculum revisions not done? Why are students waiting for two, and even three days of class to go by without their textbooks?

Here is the biggest one:

Why haven't I gotten a call from them to discuss my options yet?

I believe we have a talented group at the school. I'm not picking on Financial Aid, I'm actually giving them a compliment here: I'll bet those ladies could solve some of these problems if they were asked to. I'll bet they could post "Help Wanted" ads on the appropriate websites and place ads in the papers. I'll bet they could call around to people in the education industry and look for a qualified DOE. I'll bet they could come up with a system for supplying the students with textbooks ontime, or help out with the curriculum revisions. They are smart and talented in there. I know this because I am, at times, an idiot. They have helped me with all kinds of things before, and I'm not a guy that ever has easy problems to fix.

I wish their talent and time wasn't being wasted by spreading yard waste around the halls. I wish the hundreds of dollars spent on decorations could be given as a bonus to one of the teachers, or one of the hardworking front desk staff.

I wish I was taller and better looking, too.

By the way - does anybody else feel bad for the poor cleaning lady?

Keep those comments rolling in, folks.

Central Ray


Anonymous said...

I think you all need to take a step back, the halloween decorations were really cool, and are class brought in are own decorations, it was fun and we had time to do it, I dont want college to be boring and gay i thought it was fun, so dont take that a way from us who actually like the decorations, its nice to have a break from studying or doing notes
and our teachers are not at fault for what is going on with the credits, the school will work it out, yeah i am upset about the credits but we just have to wait.

Anonymous said...

From Bucky and Central Ray

We would like to emphasize that we think the teachers and most of the staff are doing a GREAT job. I've had teachers that teach all four sessions for 2 weeks without complaining at all. Only a dedicated professional would be willing to put in those kind of hours. About the other issues you raise - let's not be complacent. We want the school to do everything they have to do to fix this problem. We are trying to raise awareness about these issues, and keep some pressure up and hold the school accountable for what they have promised us. Some new students are still signing up, unaware of these issues. We don't wish the possible mess we are in on anyone else.

Thanks for reading, and giving your input!

Bucky and Central Ray

Anonymous said...

seems like all you are trying to do is create negativity. Do you think the school is not aware of the legal trouble they would be in if they did not handle this situation properly? I say we keep doing everything in our power to get an education and expect the same from the school. If the results of the school's appeal is not what i hope it is i am happy that i will have options. If i am not satified with how that situation is handled at that point i will get a lawyer. Until then i will keep showing up and hoping for the best.

Also, if you so badly want to talk to someone about your options then why don't you take that step and go ask someone for help?

Anonymous said...

Central Ray is pissed, but where are the other children's stories. All I am seeing is the pissing part. You need to put in some stories for human interest. Actually, I think that a website like this is not very productive. You say that you don't want to bitch, but that seems to be what is actually being done. I am not a big fan of Halloween, but hey, the decorations whether there or not will not change the accreditation process. This is an irrelevant bitch to boot.

Anonymous said...

I don't think criticicism is the same as bitching. The people affected by this schools negligence could be in a lot of trouble. I think that this website could be used by the students to help each other out. I am interested in the opinions that anyone has to offer. I don't think it's wrong to also vent a little frustration in the process. I would like to have people contribute what they plan to do. I appreciate what Bucky and Central Ray are trying to do. I wish I had thought of it myself. I would like advice from others based on what they have experienced. I think the point is we are all in it together, so lets work together. There is a girl in my class who told me she spoke to a lawyer about her options. I would like to see her write about what she found out. Personally, I'm considering trying to take two classes at the same time. Maybe I can finish before the final decision about the accredidation arrives. I hope for the best. Maybe the school will be fine, and everything will be ok. I don't want to sit by and wait, hoping. Everybody has heard the old saying, "hope in one hand and..." well you know the rest.

Anyway thanks Bucky and Central Ray for doing the leg work. I hope the results of this website will turn for the better.