Wednesday, October 31, 2007

HAPPY HALLOWEEN??? by, Funkman

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Central Ray and Bucky

I understand why our Administration prefers to treat all of us students like nine year olds. That age group is easier to control, and take advantage of. However, none of the students at Cambridge College are nine. Which is a shame because I’m sure nine year olds would appreciate all the Halloween decorations that have been carefully placed in the halls and classrooms of our building. I’m not one that likes to complain, but I can’t help but wonder if the time and resources devoted to our little haunted house couldn’t be better utilized. In the times we are experiencing at Cambridge College, is it really appropriate to devote money and man hours to celebrating Halloween? Personally, I have been consumed on a daily basis with the worries of our current situation. I know I would better appreciate the same devotion of resources used to celebrate a kid’s holiday, to remedy this mess we find ourselves in instead. I have yet to receive any personal attention to discuss my options in light of paying for an education that may not be accredited. I know of a few hundred students that could occupy all that free time our faculty appears to have. Also, it appears to me we are still lacking essential teaching staff. Maybe we could offer our “decorations budget” as an incentive, to hire quality persons for our education. After all, Cambridge College, I am giving you thousands of dollars for an education, not to host a Halloween party.


Anonymous said...

I really think you need to get informed rather and complain about something you know nothing about. The school IS STILL accredited, and the probation order was announced in January 07, and is a matter of public record.

funkman said...

I really think you should read more carefully. I never said the school was not accredited. I said the education MAY not be accredited. Yes, you are correct, the probation was announced in Jan. 07. Apr. 07 was the first time the students were lied to. Oct. 07 was the second time the students were deceived. Would you like to discuss anymore dates? Its true, the ACCSCT website has all the information for the public, if you are willing to dig. Do not rely on the Administration to reveal any truth, despite being asked repeatedly. I'm curious, who are you accusing of not being informed? If you have any more questions I would be happy to answer them. I would hate for YOU to possess a need to GET INFORMED. I would be embarrassed too, if a group of students knew more than me about the school I worked for.