Monday, November 12, 2007

From Anonymous

There is so much going on right now behind the scenes at Cambridge college. You can't just sit back as a student paying to go to a college that has been deceptive, greedy, and only out to get your money. You have to be smart, and you have to stop supporting an administration that is pretending that everything is going to be okay. For the students who are in denial thinking that what took place at our school isn't going to effect you,, than your wrong!!!! Even if you are going to graduate with your Associates degree, our school now has gained a bad reputation. Think about Parks college and what they are now known for. We are paying for the mistakes of the administration and now there isn't a way to go back and fix it,,, we are stuck with what we enrolled ourselves into.
I also want to put something out there. Before you decide that you want to stick it out and not switch to a diploma, I want you to think about how much an Associates is going to help you. We are the only school that offers a degree. There are many employers out there hiring techs, MA and others without an Associates. Before all of this happened, you could take your associates and go further, therefore benefiting you. But, now after talking to my X-ray teacher, they told me that it doesn't matter if you have an associates or not( coming from our college) Just something to think about. Why not take the money back from your GE classes and after you graduate with a diploma, go to another college that will matter. Spend your money wise and worth while. I am just really now starting to think ,,,,, are they offering an Associates to get more money from me,, when in reality it doesn't matter when getting hired somewhere? How much is that Associates really worth? I don't know about surgical tech, but as far as x-ray students,,,, our teacher plainly said,,,, it doesn't make a difference to have an Associates or diploma out in the field. Of course, if you were at a university or other college it would matter, but not from our school. Just be careful about the deception that is going on, and use wisdom. Even if you go to student services and ask questions, don't just believe what they say,, you have to remember that everyone is out for their own. Their not looking out for the students best interest, their looking out for their own.

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Anonymous said...

I think all this bitching, blogging, and bellyaching is demoralizing, degrading, and destructive. Let's bring an apple to our teachers and get some brownie points. Remember, we came here to get an education and to get jobs in the real world. A diploma or a degree is not going to keep us from our profession, though it may make a difference in our pay scale down the road. Entry level will not matter. With respect to promotions, it might make a difference. I think we should just all continue to get this process out of the way, and then when it is all over, go out and have a big party. Then, we can get out in the world and help to save lives and get people healed. Cambridge will help me to that goal, and I will feel gratitude to my alma mater for all the assistance they have given me.